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  • Tina

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    Easy to navigate compared to other sites, prompt efficient service highly recommend


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    I was amazed how simple the whole process was from start to finish, and how incredible the finished product has turned out to be.

  • Emma

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    Love love love ...... its exactly what I wanted. Brilliant quality, exactly like the option I picked, will use again for future events. O love how.i can see all wedding photos in 1 picture. Had so many comments about it. Came in a great time too.

  • Paul

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    Very pleased with the picture and service in every aspect

  • Louise C.

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    A gift for my parents...they were thrilled with it...

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    Very impressed will definitely order more ..blown away by it

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    Found site by accident but they have great products

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    Ease of operation

Just 3 steps for your unique Veteran's Photo Mosaic

  • 1. Upload
    main image
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  • 2. Upload
    individual photos
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  • 3. Create
    photo mosaic
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Ideas for a thoughtful Service Member Photo Mosaic 🎖️

salute to service photo mosaic
military veterans mosaic eagle
veterans photo mosaic
military veterans mosaic us flag
salute to service photo mosaic maker
salute to service photo mosaic eagle

Thank you for your Service 🗽

It's not just a work of art: it's a heartfelt tribute to the men and women who protect our freedom and safety.

Start here

Show your Appreciation 🦅

It's not just a work of art: it's a heartfelt tribute to the men and women who protect our freedom and safety.

Start here

Respect & Honor for your Heros 🌸

Display your respect and gratitude for our armed forces through this impactful and meaningful masterpiece.

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Tip: A Photo Mosaic is a wonderful suprise for Veteran's Day.

How to create an outstanding Military Photo Mosaic

  • Why create a Military Photo Mosaic?

    Our military photo mosaic is a visual salute to the bravery and dedication of our servicemen and women.

    It encapsulates the spirit of patriotism and selflessness in every tile, making it a powerful and moving statement of support for those who have served and continue to serve.

    Display this mosaic proudly to honor their commitment and sacrifice.

  • How can I create a Military Photo Mosaic?

    Begin by collecting a comprehensive collection of images that pay tribute to military personnel, historic events, and patriotic symbols.

    These can include photos of servicemen and women in action, military emblems, and flags.

    Select a central image that holds a special significance for the veteran or service person, such as a photo of themselves in uniform or a memorable moment from their service.

    Upload the military-themed images into our generator.

    Generate the mosaic, resulting in a dignified and patriotic display that serves as a heartfelt tribute to the military service.

    Each tile in the mosaic is a smaller image that collectively showcases the dedication and sacrifice of the service men and women, making it a meaningful and respectful gift.

  • How long does it take to create a Military Photo Mosaic?

    Pretty fast: You just upload your military photos and our mosaic generator will create your mosaic within a couple of minutes. After that you can edit your photo mosaic as you like and download the final version.

  • How to create my photo mosaic?

    With our photo mosaic creator you need 3 things only: a smartphone or computer, internet access and - of course - your military photos. So, there is no need of downloading or installing a software.

  • Do I have to pay for creating the mosaic?

    No you don’t. Our mosaic maker is for free. If you like the mosaic you can download it and have it printed at a local or online print shop. So the only costs will occur when ordering the digital file.

  • How many military photos can/should I use?

    You need at least 30 photos + 1 photo for the main image. You can upload up to 1,000 single pictures for your mosaic. The more photos you’re transferring the better the result for your photo mosaic.

  • How large will the final mosaic be?

    That depends on the format of your main image and the file resolution you choose when ordering. The higher the resolution the larger you can print your photo mosaic. Find out more about our mosaic prices.

  • What's the size of the single images?

    The small images will have a minimum width of 1 inch. This size is the perfect balance between single images and main photo: you can clearly see the all images within a single large mosaic.

  • Can I print the Military Photo Mosaic?

    Yes – and we made it pretty easy for you! Our automatic quality check will make sure that you'll get the best printing results possible. Just hit the download button after finishing your mosaic.

    If you want an XXL version you can also print your mosaic in a local shop or on any other printing platform.

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Did you know?

You can also create a Veteran's Collage

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